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Syncrophone brings us Mugo United




Syncrophone is based in east Paris (Charonne). Being a record distributor we were unsurprised at the amounts of boxes and shelves stacked with records that they had waiting to be spun.

Naturally drawn to the disco and funk section I was lucky to get my hands on Mugo’s album. You may be thinking ‘Who the hell are Mugo?’…the very same thought that I had. But with a cover design oozing more funk than a funky ball of tits from outer space, AND being pressed on bright orange marbled vinyl, I just had to give it a listen.

As the album sleeve tells us, back in the early 70s the group had dreams of being famous and recorded an album but it had been left unreleased until 2011. After Kenny Dope added some reworks and remixes and arranged tunes to press, he released it on his label, Kay-Dee Records. I had no idea really what expect….

What I got is the funkiest pieces of funk that have ever funking been made…

Have a taster below, and if you’re feeling it hook yourself up with the wax 🙂

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Pick N Mix Tuesday

Have a taster of some of my (H. Boo Boo) favourite mixes of late….

For some smooth Jazz to compliment those golden rays of sunshine:

For some old school vibes with a modern twist:

To glide smoothly out of Tuesday with some Hip Hop:

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Times Gone By

A great insight into some of London’s best and – sadly – shut down clubs.




The End

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Crack Takeover

Crack Magazine are taking over The Nest, Dalston tonight.

Move D (4hr set), Pardon My French and Rudi Zygadlo (live).

More event info here.

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Vegetable Sounds

Music being made from wired up vegetables. Pretty sweet.

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Reviveher 9.3.13

Let’s have a taster….

Tickets can be purchased here or in person from Phonica.

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Disco Solu’shn

A quick trip to Edinburgh proved to be a fruitful day for record shopping. Finding some disco classics (below) to warm up the next party from the city’s finest vinyl emporium, Underground Solu’shn.

Check this mix from Underground Solu’shn’s front man, Gav, aka Fudge Fingas.

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Damn that Disco!

Fingerman (Portsmouth based DJ, reworker and re-edit maestro) has been banging out some top quality disco edits. Here are a few that are worth everyone’s time of day.

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